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Have you always dreamed of having your own custom pickups, fit to your style of playing, your tonal wishes and your type of guitar with a very fair price and friendly service? This is now possible. At 4Seasons Pickups, we will discuss your wishes, examine your guitar, the type of wood used and it’s tonal possibilities.

Based on all of that, we will combine the right components and build the best sounding pickups possible. You can choose from several different configurations and countless variations. 4Seasons Pickups can be wired true to vintage specs, or according to your own specific wishes.

By using the best materials available today, we ensure that your pickups deliver more tone and dynamics than your standard pickups could ever deliver. Since 4Seasons Pickups works directly for you, pricing can be kept friendly and fair. Getting your own custom pickups has never been this affordable!

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Contact us

4 SeasonsPickups is a Dutch company best known for manufacturing custom hand wound guitar and bass Pickups. Guitarist and luthier Bob Gabriel founded the company in 2005, in the Netherlands.

Starting around 2009, 4seasons pickups appeared in Zwier Custom Guitars, and can now be found on instruments from Dick Dijkman Guitardesign, Mozerguitars, Rjcustomguitars, Nonuztheego, Chitarrebarbanera, Rebellionguitars, Stephallen Guitars, and others.

4 SeasonsPickups’ History:

He became interested in guitars at a young age, and after his teacher broke Bob’s guitar at school, Bob decided to repair the guitar and re-wind the pickups, using small electric motor and double sided tape to hold the pickup in place and rotate it while spooling wire around the pickup bobbin. He was then inspired by how the tone of the guitar had changed for the better, and started research to learn more about pickups. He also learned a lot from his father, an F14 pilot and his first guitar teacher! After that he began repairing pickups at music shops and later on in 2005 started 4seasonspickups.

4 SeasonsPickups’ Philosophy:

Every guitar sounds different! Even the same make, brand, wood, color and so on! In other words, every guitar is unique!

If so…

Each unique instrument may have the pickups made to match its unique features, and at 4 Seasons Pickups we will hand wind you pickups that fit best to the unique features of your instrument.


4 SeasonsPickups’ Products:

Most are custom, hand wound pickups.we make single coils, hum buckers, P90s, HP90s, Bass pickups and more.